Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Written October 3, 2010

Last night I had a dream...

I was painting.

There was no one else there, and nothing but a giant canvas in front of me and buckets of paint beside me.

I dipped my hand in the paint and cautiously touched the canvas. I began trying different colors, first a little, then a lot.
I began experimenting, and swirling, and mixing paints in no order with no purpose or plan. Just paint.
As I mixed and swirled I noticed that the colors did not blend or dull, but held their vibrancy, and even deepened upon moving this way and that.

I decided to grab hand fulls of paint and throw it at the canvas. As the paint hit it splattered and dripped.
I threw hand full after handful- every different color- as fast as I could. The patterns of paint were shifting and dynamic.
Suddenly I felt a new sense of freedom- I decided to pull the pain between my hands as it held its shape creating three-dimensional shapes suspended in the air.


The next morning I awoke from the dream ready to throw paint. ready to mix, and blend, and risk in creativity and freedom.

I woke up ready to live more fully.


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