Sunday, July 1, 2012


Years ago, searching for a church, my family stumbled into Heart of the Rockies, and sensed that this place was our home. Shortly after, I was invited to teach Sunday School.
To that invitation I said ‘yes’, sure I think I can do that. 
I had no idea what I was getting into. When I showed up to that first class- I felt completely helpless- I had no idea what I was doing, or why I had been asked to do it.
However in that saying ‘yes’- I learned. I learned the gifts of children’s curiosity... I came to see the Bible stories that we glimpse at as a child in new and deeper ways. I had the opportunity to be a part of the growth and transformation of young people.
A few years after that Kyle and I were invited to serve at the communion table- and to this new and foreign invitation we said ‘yes’.. sure- that looks like something we can do.
And then that moment when I first stepped up to the table to serve- my knees began to shake- my voice began to quiver- and I wondered ‘what am I doing here? I don’t know anything about anything’- I can’t even seem to memorize the words of institution!
However- in saying yes- to that invitation-- I experienced deep and profound growth as I came to realize the meaning of communion..
I received the gift of serving- the gift of looking into each person’s eyes and saying- this is the body of Christ, the cup of salvation- given for you.
It was in this space, in saying yes to this mysterious invitation, that I first began to sense a call to ministry. 
And here I am again, I find myself saying yes. Knees trembling, voice quivering. Yes. Yes to living into my gifts, yes to moving deeper into relationship with God, and yes to working for justice for all people.
This is a table that none of us can fully understand as we approach. None of us know what transformation will occur when we take of this bread and drink of this cup.
In saying yes, we step into the Divine mystery - We become a part of the body of Christ.
What are your own gifts - what are you saying yes to? 

What do you have to give? 

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