Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love inspires Love

Have you ever seen someone living fully into their gift?

You know- When you see that musician- eyes closed- singing from the deepest part of their gut- fingers strumming their guitar as if it were a part of their being...

The painter who is completely one with the art they are creating- as if their spirit is overflowing onto the canvas....

The runner whose body moves past as if floating on air- all joy and no tension visible on their face...

That's how I felt today in my first day of classes at Brite. That's right. In a classroom. Academic, religious minded professors- living their gift.

Today, as Dr. Day worked to problematize the very title of our course, Theologies of Women of Color- she was so passionate and enthusiastic she could barely contain herself to her seat at the front of the room. Her love for teaching, her enthusiasm for the subject of study, her prodigious vocabulary (yes, I found that word with the help of a thesaurus) infectiously spread love to each of us in the class.

And then, in a place I honestly didn't expect to find such inspiration, during History of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Brite President, Newell Williams evoked in me a physical response that paralleled the fiery love that inspired the Campbell-Stone movement. Seeing this gifted story-teller 'work the classroom' brought smiles, laughs, curiosity, and intrigue.

What a great start to my final year at Brite.

When we see someone living into their gifts I believe we are seeing love. This is the love that moves and transforms. This is the love that inspires love.

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