Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Noosphere

Contemplation and Action. In my reading and study of mystics, contemporaries, biblical witness, and other sacred texts, I consistently return to a call for a balance of 'contemplation' and 'action'.

Of seeking justice, moving and speaking, and organizing (action)--

and of centering, and praying, reading, and sleeping (contemplation).

Of working, and relating, talking (action),

and of exploring, and wondering, and meditating (contemplation).

It seems I am in a constant quest to find balance- to let go of the guilt that I 'should be doing more', or the guilt that 'I should be praying more'...

To listen to the needs in my body, in my family, and in my community- to act when action is needed- and to contemplate when contemplation is needed.

This week- as we move toward the Winter Solstice, I find myself resting in 'contemplation'.. and letting go of the need for constant action.

Today it was the noosphere; that called. The Noosphere is a concept that was developed by my favorite philosopher/ paleontologist/ priest, Pierre Tielhard de Chardin. The noosphere is the world of thought that exists in our mind and being. The world that we each carry with us.

Inside each person is a world that is as vast, complex, and mysterious as the layers of earth, biosphere atmosphere, and beyond.

Chardin posed in the mid twentieth century that great scientific and human discoveries and convergence will come with greater exploration of our 'noosphere'...

As we each as individuals and as communities take time to sit in 'contemplation' (in a variety of forms) we will move to deeper understanding and cooperation as humanity. Contemplation is vital to action. Outer change requires inner transformation.

This morning I awoke feeling called to the mountains. So I drove and hiked and explored trees and mountains and valleys. Snow was plied on the wiry branches of evergreens.  Dormant winter branches made visible every crevice and hill of the land below.

I can't help but wonder- If this is what I can see-- what is hiding in my brain- in my heart - that I can't see. What is calling, seeking to be listened to? What does it look like when more people have the gift of time and space to explore the noosphere?

How do we invite a world - and communities- that find balance between inner and outer, action and contemplation?

In this 'busy' season- may we listen for the call of the inner world. May we take time to rest and play- and may this inter transformation lead to action that increases love and compassion and justice in the world around each of us.

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