Friday, January 24, 2014

the CANA Initiative

Over the past few months I have been grateful to be a part of a developing 'network of networks' called the CANA Initiative. CANA can be seen as a collective of faith-engaged organizations, individuals, institutions, and networks who are rooted in a generous Christian spirit, seeking to embody a new Christian ethos through: 
networking and 

I believe the time is right for people to come together to learn from each other, and to partner so that we each may: 
Serve more & Love more
each in our particular ways, in our particular location


Our faith was born in the converging of diverse thoughts and ways of being. 
God creates out of mixed up chaos. 
Our creation only survives in its diversity. 
Our Gospel stories present diverse perspectives on the life, death, and resurrection of one person- which leads to diverse ways of seeking to live and follow in the ways of
grace & life & justice.


It is from this basic understanding and perspective that I reflect on our current realities. Too often we fall into silos of people who think and live 'like we do'. Those of us who venture out to the edges- who stand with one foot in the denominational institutions or congregations that we love and care about, and one foot out exploring and learning from those outside those institutions- can feel isolated and alone.

I see CANA as creating space for those on the edges who may push systems or challenge assumptions to come together as we seek to live into the Gospel more fully. To dream and act. CANA will create space for generative action that deepens the work we are already doing, that enhances, strengthens, and leverages the message of love we are seeking to live.

I hope CANA will be a space for genuine diversity and mutuality between groups or individuals who may not have worked together in the past, but who share a common hope to live the ways of justice more fully. 

As a network of networks, CANA provides
a connective tissue that makes us each stronger, 
that allows space for individual thriving, 
and collective 

Further thoughts on CANA from friends & colleagues:
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To get Involved:
Become a CANA initiator and join the conversation.

Watch for and take part in the work of convening and acting around 5 specific initiatives:

  • Vital Spirituality
  • Transformative Leadership
  • College Age connections
  • Developing language for a generous Christian ethos
  • Fostering the 'Common Good'
Send me a line personally and I'd love to chat about it more...

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