Sunday, September 11, 2011

I love you more than baseball...

... "More than baseball?" I said.

"Yes. More than baseball" he said.

"Wow- you must really love me."


What did we know? We were just babies. Fifteen and seventeen years old. What could we possibly know about love, and life, and all that comes with it?

How could we know?

How could we know about responsibility and commitment and bills and schedules?

What could we know about dreams and passions, and nurturing careers, and pursuing education?

What could we know about raising a family, and pushing past exhaustion, and feeling as though there is no more left to give?

How could we know?


And yet- nearly twenty years later- when we fall into bed at night- I look into those eyes and think, "I love you more than children, and theology books, and yoga, and running, and puppies, and deep conversations, and all that brings me joy-- of all of those things- I still love you most."

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