Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creation at the Zoo

I am an animal lover and a nature lover.
That might be an understatement.

I cried at a rodeo once.
I'm not into the circus...

and, I have always loved the zoo.

This is a paradoxical love, because while nothing compares to looking in the eyes of a tiger (behind glass), or to watching a mama orangutang nurse her baby, or seeing a king cobra slither by (behind glass), my heart aches for their loss of freedom- for life in a cage or an 'enclosure'.

I have to say- it seems to me that the zoos I have spent time at (San Diego, Denver, Fort Worth) have all worked very hard to ensure the health and well being of their animals- providing a natural environment, a healthy diet and exercise... I know they live a good life... but still.. it's a little bit sad.

However, my sadness is overpowered by love when a day at the zoo intersects with my love for the story of creation.

What wonder! What mystery!

Did you know a viper can lift its body up to stand six feet tall to look you in the eye?

Have you seen the face of a stingray?

Watched the way a monitor lizard glides through the water, it's legs moving like she is crawling up a mountain?

Enjoyed the flying acrobatics of ring-tailed lemurs? Tugging on each others tails and running for cover...

Looked in the eyes of a komodo dragon, or a 15 foot crocodile, or a white tiger?

Watched a 130 year-old tortoise eat strawberries- it's beak-like mouth moving side-to-side?

We have spent a lot of time at the Fort Worth Zoo this year (and I do mean a lot). Each time I go I am so filled with wonder I can hardly contain myself.

I am so amazed at this creation.
How can this be?
How can life be so diverse, so full of mystery?
How could our Creator form and mold each of these brilliant creatures?
And us too?
This diverse wholeness of humanity?

What wonder! What mystery!

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