Thursday, April 1, 2010

the call of the ocean

wrote this in my journal when we are on vacation a couple weeks ago...

We rode bikes to the beach...
these great cruiser bikes.
The girls fly around- little green sundresses blowing in the wind- blond clumpy beach hair trailing after.
Fearless. Free. Pure, simple joy.
Ryan tires out from riding and climbs up on Kyle's bike.
Crouching on the center bar, bare toes curled around the cool metal.
Kyle proudly escorts his sweet son.
All of us. Together.
So happy.
We get to the beach with intentions to walk the sand and watch the sunset.
Less than 100 yards down the sandy, coral covered beach, the girls can resist no longer.
The ocean calls them in.
Cute little sundresses and all.
They creep in a little at a time.
A little more.
Playing, splashing giggling.
They can resist no longer- all the way in-
they fling themselves into its cool, exhilarating grasp.
The mystery of the ocean.
Faith floats.
Little face peeking out- arms and legs spread wide.
Mia practices her stroke.
Feeling the slow, rhythmic pulse of the waves.
Ryan watches. Touches. Tastes.
"This is salty!"
Seeing the joy and safety of his sisters he follows their lead.
He ventures in- giggling, running and jumping.


I so love watching them grow.
What a gift.
We share this journey together.
I love watching the people they are each becoming.
Unique. Confident. Creative.

God is good.

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